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Raspberry Ketone Fat Burner


Raspberry Ketone Fat Burner – Miracle in a Bottle?

raspberry_ketones_max_reviewSince the popular health show host Dr. Mehmet Oz featured raspberry ketone in one of his shows the market has been deluged with a lot of raspberry ketone fat burner products that have suddenly sprouted in order to fill the seemingly insatiable public appetite for this new weight loss wonder supplement. Overnight, Raspberry ketone and weight loss have suddenly become synonymous making people lap up every available bottle to the envy of its competitors and the chagrin of its detractors.
Raspberry ketone usage have been on the rise since and the demand remains unabated despite critics claiming that there are no scientific evidence to prove that raspberry ketone fat burnerproducts indeed do away with stored fat in humans.
While it is true that the fat burning capabilities of raspberry ketone have not been scientifically investigated using placebo controlled human studies to the extent that it will satisfy these critics and other doubting Thomases, the two animal studies that were done to determine the raspberry ketone fat burner properties and Dr. Oz TV endorsement seemed to be enough to convince hordes of consumers to make a bee line for health stores and gobble up whatever supply they can lay their hands on.
In the first place, there is no known detrimental raspberry ketone effect on our body. According to a raspberry ketone FDA report, the substance is a ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ (GRAS) substance. Consumers simply decided they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying the product. Many of them have tried several other weight loss supplements in the past albeit unsuccessfully. Others tried several exercise regimens together with recommended diets to no avail. To them, it won’t make any difference to try out raspberry ketone supplements for a change.
Nobody really knows exactly how raspberry ketone work to burn body fat. (But then, nobody up to now knows how aspirin works to relieve pain too. Do you?) A study done by Japanese researchers established the fact that raspberry ketones prevent obesity in animals. Another study done by Korean researchers proved that raspberry ketones are responsible for inducing the secretion of more adinopectin the hormone that regulates sugar and fat cells in the blood breaking them down so they can be burned readily and converted into energy rather than stored as body fat. This is exactly what Dr. Oz was referring to when he said raspberry ketone ‘conditions the body to act like a thin man’. Thin men have high levels of adinopectin and so sugar and fat in their blood are mostly broken down for metabolism. In short, raspberry ketone conditions the body to behave like a thin man by inducing the secretion of more adinopectin hormone.
Perhaps there is some hype created by Dr. Oz’s bold proclamation that raspberry ketone is a ‘miracle in a bottle that burns body fat considering that there are no placebo-controlled studies on humans to prove this. However, there is no better proof than the horde of success stories sworn to by people who have successfully tried the Raspberry Ketone Max as well as some other raspberry ketones supplement. These stories are now littering the internet turning raspberry ketone fat burner into a buzz word.

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